Oh, how the time does fly…

06 May

Well, here I am…a little more than a week away from departing for Italy.  This weekend we will be having a combination birthday party for my husband/bon voyage party for myself and I am looking forward to seeing some of our amazing friends and family.  As with many things, it will be somewhat bittersweet as I will be bidding them adieu for the entire summer, but I am definitely looking forward to the incredible experiences that await me in Italy.  I will definitely miss my husband and my two pups the most, but between Skype, Blackberry phones and all the other technology at our fingertips, it will not be difficult to stay in touch.  Every once in a while, when my mind starts to jump into overdrive and I start feeling anxious about being gone that long, I remind myself how quickly the three months will fly by, and how long I will keep the experience close at heart.  The latter is significantly longer than the former. =)  What’s that famous saying, something about regretting what you didn’t do more than you will ever regret what you didn’t?  I keep reminding myself of this, and I agree completely.  Ciao!

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