Florence: Day Four

18 May

Today was another lovely day, school was great as usual and I met a nice young man from Germany named Lars who was also interested in seeing Pisa and who is a bit older and more low-key/calm than many of the other students (I like them all but was not necessarily interested in spending an entire day with any of them).  I am debating going to Pisa this Saturday or just hanging out Saturday and doing a trip to Cinque de Terre that is pseudo-hosted through the school and doing Pisa next weekend…Lars said it is worth the trip (he has already been) so we will see…tomorrow night I am going to the opera!!  I will be seeing Rigoletto at St. Mark’s English Church and I will be sitting in the front row!  I am excited about that as I have never been to that kind of performance.  I bought two tickets and asked my roommate if she wanted to go, if she does not I may ask Lars or another student…mostly because I don’t want to be traversing Florence by myself late at night when it ends…although it is very safe here, it is still a city I don’t know.

This afternoon I went and saw the Picasso, Miro and Dali exhibit at Palazzo Strozzi and certainly learned a lot; although I am somewhat familiar with Picasso and Dali, this was mostly all new to me as it is their earlier work.  What most of us know/recognize as Dali is not what he started out doing, in fact there was only one painting that I immediately recognized as Dali.  It was a fairly small exhibit but interesting nonetheless with a lot of background info, so I made sure to read every sign.  No photography allowed, of course, so no photos of it but I did take one or two of the outside as well as one in the lower lobby that had very interesting decor made of–no kidding–plastic wrap.

Last but not least, I started reading a free book I had downloaded to my Kindle since I finished my other one (The Traitor’s Wife, a great read) called Today We Are Rich.  It is like a self-help/positive-thinking book, not something I would normally grab right away, but it is really quite interesting.  Plus, being that I am very, very agnostic, I appreciate that every other sentence in the book isn’t talking about God.  I have decided to do a variation of one of the suggested exercises in the book and each day I will record/post at least one specific thing that I appreciate.  Today, I appreciate the moral and financial support my husband gives me to do these things that, a few years ago, I likely would not have though I could do or would have the option of doing.  I am very lucky to have ended up with someone who sees great value and potential in me and never questions my ability to do anything.  Although I miss him dearly, I would not be as successful in this trip if a) I did not have him in my life, and b) if he had not been my companion for my first overseas/Italy trip last year!

Finally, the moment you have waited for….PICTURES!!=)

Heading back across the Arno after school

Same bridge over Arno

Palazzo Spini-Ferroni

Outside Palazza Strozzi (one side)

Outside the exhibit

Plastic wrap decor...

Another glimpse of peace in the intersection near my apartment


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2 responses to “Florence: Day Four

  1. Sunshine

    May 18, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Do they just have awesome statues EVERYWHERE in Italy?! “Hey, we have a few hundred statues lying around over here – we should build some bridges and columns so we have somewhere to put them.”

    I’m excited to hear about tomorrow’s adventures!

    • heatherannkurtz

      May 18, 2011 at 7:50 pm

      Oh yeah, seriously everywhere you turn there are statues and crazy antique architecture…the history in a country like this (like many European countries I am sure) is almost impossible to comprehend coming from an American who’s country, much less state, is so young in comparison!


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