Piazzale Michelango & San Miniato…a little slice of heaven!

26 May
Piazzale Michelango & San Miniato…a little slice of heaven!

This afternoon after class, Inge and I took a bus (after quite a bit of walking, of course) up to Piazzale Michelangelo which is perched up above la citta de Fiorenze (and home to a copy of the statue of David, the real statue of which I saw in the Galleria dell’Accademia yesterday but no photos are allowed).  It was definitely beautiful up there, and I had read that if you cross the street and go up a ways, there is a church called San Miniato where you can get some even better views…and it is definitely true!  If it was cooler, I could have stayed up there for hours just relaxing and reading.  The photos I got are quite good, and I think you will enjoy them.  Tomorrow we are talking of taking a bus up to Fiesole, a small village above Florence, to get an even better bird’s eye view.  Then I will possibly attempt the Duomo Saturday morning, followed by a full day in Cinque Terre (which, judging by the photos I have seen so far, is not near enough…but it will have to do)!  School is still going great although a couple new girls started this past Monday and they are not all as amenable as the rest of the class that I started with, plus our class almost doubled in size so it is much noisier.  However, our instructor Tomasso takes it all in stride and does a fantastic job!  I believe next week (my last week in Florence) I will have a different instructor…although I have met her and she is nice, I will miss Tommaso as I felt he did such a great job and was a pleasure to see every day.  Anyway, enjoy the photos (be sure to click through to the Flickr page with all the other ones) and have a great day!  Today, I am so grateful to be able to take this opportunity to better myself both in my education and my character.=) Buonasera!

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