The Infamous Leaning Tower

28 May

Pisa, a set on Flickr.

I was not in the greatest mood, so let me preface this post with that. It was also gloomy and starting to rain a little, which did not assist in lifting my already-gray mood! =) I can now say that I have gone, however. I did not even try to go into the Tower, when I initially looked up tickets earlier this week it told me that not that many are available and when I tried to make a reservation, there weren’t any available until June! That is okay though, I still appreciate being able to see such a well-known and historic monument! Ciao!

Pisa (1)Pisa (2)Pisa (3)Pisa (4)Pisa (5)Pisa (6)
Pisa (7)Pisa (8)Pisa (9)Pisa (10)Pisa (11)Pisa (12)
Pisa (13)Pisa (14)Pisa (15)Pisa (16)Pisa (17)Pisa (18)
Pisa (19)
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