Postcard-perfect Cinque Terre

30 May

As expected, Cinque Terre was beautiful! I was kind of bummed that I didn’t take a swimsuit as I have never been that close to clear, blue and green ocean water! However, it is definitely high season there and tourists were EVERYWHERE!!! I would love to go back during the low season. It also made me even MORE convinced that I need to go spend some time on Ischia, a small island off of the Napoli coast. Maybe next year? Anyway, I do definitely plan on hitting up a beach one weekend while I am staying in Rome, as the only other ocean experience I have had was Washington/Orca Islands, which is a MUCH different kind of ocean experience than sunny days and warm water! =) I am excited to see Siena & San Gimignano this Thursday, but with it being a national holiday here I am unsure what all I will be able to experience. However, something is better than nothing! I am also excited to head to Rome and start work next week, for many reasons, including that I keep thinking about how once I start work there will only be like THREE WEEKS before I see the hubster!! Hope you are all happy and healthy! Arrivederci!

CinqueTerre (2)CinqueTerre (3)CinqueTerre (4)CinqueTerre (5)CinqueTerre (6)CinqueTerre (7)
CinqueTerre (8)CinqueTerre (9)CinqueTerre (10)CinqueTerre (11)CinqueTerre (12)CinqueTerre (13)
CinqueTerre (14)CinqueTerre (15)CinqueTerre (16)CinqueTerre (17)CinqueTerre (18)CinqueTerre (19)
CinqueTerre (20)CinqueTerre (21)CinqueTerre (22)CinqueTerre (23)CinqueTerre (24)CinqueTerre (25)

CinqueTerre, a set on Flickr.

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