Siena And San Gimignano

03 Jun

Thursday, June 2, is a national holiday for Italy so we did not have school…however, I was able to take a tour of Siena and San Gimignano (and the churches were open) that was really cool! The church pictures are from within the Siena Duomo. The Chianti countryside was quite beautiful, and I really enjoyed San Gimignano! The piazza (square) you see is the main square in Siena and is where some famous (and ancient) horse races called Il Palio are held. There are also some photos of the books the choirs used at the Siena duomo, dating back to the 15th century. Please enjoy!! =)

SiennaAndSanGimignano (1)SiennaAndSanGimignano (2)SiennaAndSanGimignano (3)SiennaAndSanGimignano (4)SiennaAndSanGimignano (6)SiennaAndSanGimignano (7)
SiennaAndSanGimignano (8)SiennaAndSanGimignano (9)SiennaAndSanGimignano (10)SiennaAndSanGimignano (11)SiennaAndSanGimignano (12)SiennaAndSanGimignano (13)
SiennaAndSanGimignano (14)SiennaAndSanGimignano (15)SiennaAndSanGimignano (16)SiennaAndSanGimignano (17)SiennaAndSanGimignano (18)SiennaAndSanGimignano (19)
SiennaAndSanGimignano (20)SiennaAndSanGimignano (21)SiennaAndSanGimignano (22)SiennaAndSanGimignano (23)SiennaAndSanGimignano (24)SiennaAndSanGimignano (25)

SiennaAndSanGimignano, a set on Flickr.

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