Finally, a new post!

20 Jun

Buongiornata everyone!

It has been way too long, but you haven’t missed out on much!  I have done almost no exploring so far, I have just been working and enjoying evenings at home reading a ton of books (that probably doesn’t sound fun for most of you but I haven’t had the time to do this kind of reading in many, many years)!  Some exciting news though!  An attorney who works here at the Embassy came in to my office last week and apparently thought I seemed like the responsible type because he offered to have me house- and dog-sit for he and his family from mid-July to mid-August while they are away.  I referred him to Shaun, one of the newer interns who is really cool and has a pretty difficult living situation, as he definitely needs it more than me.  It looks like that is going to work out great, but Mr. O (the attorney) came back in today and offered for me to also stay there!  It is a large 3-bedroom apartment so there is plenty of room, and I think it makes him feel better than two people will be able to take great care of this dogs (I think Shaun told me they are both blind?) and keep up with their routine.

I already paid my landlady through the end of July, but I think I will go ahead and let her know that I am leaving her place early and she can keep the full month’s rent, as this will still save me the two weeks rent of August which is about 225 euro!  Plus this place is a quick and easy bus ride from work so it is much more convenient.  Shaun is completely supportive of the whole thing so I think it is going to work out great (thanks Shaun)!  I am actually quite excited to spend my last month or so with a younger roomie, although my landlady is great.  I am also looking forward to some quality dog-time since I miss Charlie and Odys so much! =)

In other news, I am very much looking forward to Erik’s visit…he arrives in less than 8 days!!  We are still figuring out exactly what we will do while he is here but there are already some things on the list including having dinner with our good friends Dino and Daniela and their two boys (they are the owners of the vacation apartment we rented last year), a day in Firenze and two nights at an agriturismo in Caprarola.  He will also hopefully be attending the Independence Day celebration with me here at the Embassy!  Very excited for all of that and I really think we will have a great time.  I am not, however, looking forward to him leaving again.  But at least I have the new living situation and stuff to look forward to.

Work is going great and my supervisors seem more than pleased with what I have come up with so far, and I am being put in charge of the check-out process which our department has only somewhat-recently taken over.  I came up with an updated, more efficient and thorough process and my boss loved it.  I still think it needs some spit and polish but I am continuing to work on it as I type.  Well, I am sure that is MORE than enough than most of you care to read at once so I will leave it at that…ciao!!

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