Piazzale Michelango & San Miniato…a little slice of heaven!

Piazzale Michelango & San Miniato…a little slice of heaven!

This afternoon after class, Inge and I took a bus (after quite a bit of walking, of course) up to Piazzale Michelangelo which is perched up above la citta de Fiorenze (and home to a copy of the statue of David, the real statue of which I saw in the Galleria dell’Accademia yesterday but no photos are allowed).  It was definitely beautiful up there, and I had read that if you cross the street and go up a ways, there is a church called San Miniato where you can get some even better views…and it is definitely true!  If it was cooler, I could have stayed up there for hours just relaxing and reading.  The photos I got are quite good, and I think you will enjoy them.  Tomorrow we are talking of taking a bus up to Fiesole, a small village above Florence, to get an even better bird’s eye view.  Then I will possibly attempt the Duomo Saturday morning, followed by a full day in Cinque Terre (which, judging by the photos I have seen so far, is not near enough…but it will have to do)!  School is still going great although a couple new girls started this past Monday and they are not all as amenable as the rest of the class that I started with, plus our class almost doubled in size so it is much noisier.  However, our instructor Tomasso takes it all in stride and does a fantastic job!  I believe next week (my last week in Florence) I will have a different instructor…although I have met her and she is nice, I will miss Tommaso as I felt he did such a great job and was a pleasure to see every day.  Anyway, enjoy the photos (be sure to click through to the Flickr page with all the other ones) and have a great day!  Today, I am so grateful to be able to take this opportunity to better myself both in my education and my character.=) Buonasera!

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Photos from Uffizi, Santa Croce & Palazzo Vecchio

ViewfromlivingroomwindowSomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (1)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (2)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (3)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (4)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (5)
SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (6)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (7)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (8)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (9)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (10)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (11)
SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (12)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (13)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (14)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (15)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (16)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (17)
SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (18)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (19)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (20)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (21)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (22)SomeUffizi-MostlySantaCroceAndPalazzoVecchio (23)
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Giardino Boboli e Palazzo Pitti…molto molto stanca!

Giardino Boboli e Palazzo Pitti…molto molto stanca!

So yesterday (ieri) a Danish (I think) girl named Inge and I visited Palazzo Pitti and the Bobolo Gardens.  Although some of the Palazzo Pitti was closed, there was MORE than enough to see.  Once we got into the gardens we walked about 3 hours I would say, and still of course did not see everything there…it was very beautiful.  The sneak-peek photos below will take you to my Flickr page which holds more photos, etc so it is easier to use when I have so many!  Today (oggi) I went to the Uffizi (although they really don’t allow photos there so not much from there), Santa Croce and il Palazzo Vecchio so as soon as I can get all of those photos uploaded I will post them as well.  Things are going so great!  I am learning a lot (still) and getting a lot of things done that I wanted to.  In two days I have crossed 5 places off my list of where I still want to go!  This Sunday I head to Cinque Terre for the day (Google it, it looks AMAZING) and I may sneak in a trip to Pisa in there somewhere.  I am almost done with my book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and have already downloaded the next one which is about the Medici family here in Firenze.  I was interested in them before but after being here I really can’t resist reading up on them.  I am almost as excited about that as some of the places I still plan to visit!

Keep an eye out in the photos for some i took of tombs in Santa Croce…I saw where the tombs of Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Galileo and Dante among others!!  I am pretty sure all those things in the floor are tombs as well, and not all are roped off, and it was creeping me out that people would just stand on them.  As for me, I will walk AROUND thank you! =)  The weird glittery skull poster is from exhibit that was literally just that, a diamond and crystal skull with human teeth, that was showing at Palazzo Vecchio.  It is from the last decade or so…if you are interested look at the photo of the sign and check the guy out.  As for me, I have seen enough paintings of Jesus today to last me a couple lifetimes, so I am going to read a bit and try to get some rest!  Buonanotte!

This is behind Palazzo Pitti, in "front" of Giardino Boboli

This Peeping Tom snuck up on Inge

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If there is any one thing I love about being in Italy and among the Italians, it is our mutual love for espresso…it is quite cheap to get just a plain caffe (about 1 euro usually) at the places around town but to save some money–and prevent myself from having to leave the apartment–I make it at the apartment sometimes.  However, I still make it the old fashioned way!!=)

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Oggi era giorno buono, ma vorrei una buona dormita!

Buongiorno mi amici!!  I am going to keep this pretty short and sweet as I am quite tired and looking forward to enjoying my new book some more (The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, already about halfway through) and relaxing, then maybe grabbing some gelato before I hit the sack.  Below are some pictures from the other night…on one of the bridges looking out across the Arno and inside St. Mark’s English Church (NOT the same as San Marco, which we found out the hard way and therefore missed the first act).  It was a great, intimate performance of Rigoletto (if you Google this play you will likely recognize one or two very famous songs from it), with the performers just a few feet away.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, despite being exhausted from racing across Florence (twice), and noticed how many words I was able to pick up on that a week ago I never would have been able to!  I do feel like I am learning quite a lot in school (Centro Firenza) and I am looking forward to the next two weeks as well as practicing in Rome!  Hopefully by my return I will be almost fluent!  Anyway, the other pictures are of two bars we went to last night (“we” being a bunch of students from school) with interesting décor/looks and finally the delicious dinner I just made…pasta with a sauce that included white wine, lemon, tomatoes, capers, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.  Oh—and prosciutto!  Although next time I will be more careful not to add the prosciutto too early so that it only warms but does not cook.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy and have a great day!!

**I almost forgot…today, I am grateful and thankful for the quote by Shakespeare that goes something like this “Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so”.

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Florence: Cinque Giorno…abbreviated because I am exhausted!!

I will write more tomorrow…but here are a few picture sneak peaks including some of the Duomo (I will be checking it out tomorrow or Saturday) an finally got a photo or two of me on the Arno at night with all the pretty lights!  I had a great time but it was also a bit of a debacle and it made me realize I am actually quite content doing things here alone…in a good way!  See you tomorrow!!

View from window at school

View from window at school2

I look like that because I am struggling to stay awake!

Me and my ghost..

Sans ghost!!

The Arno (looking at Ponte Vecchio) at night

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Florence: Day Four, Part 2/Firenze: Quattro Giorno, Parte Due

Florence:  Day Four, Part 2/Firenze:  Quattro Giorno, Parte Due

Here are a few more interesting photos I snapped after walking around after dinner (had to burn off some cals so I could partake in some more gelato)! =)

Some random church (as far as I know)

More of the church

I think this is one of the buildings the Medici had built?

Facade of the building

Close up

Um, sports car??

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